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AMD Ryzen 9 7950X (16-Core) , 64GB DDR5


The PHANTYM-A is designed as a mid-level, do-anything single processor workstation. Detego/FTK/EnCase ready out of the box and purpose built for forensics, with a focus on processing speed and reliability.


-AMD Ryzen 9 7950X with 16-cores clocked at 4.5GHz
-Self contained liquid cooling
-64GB of DDR5 5600 MHz Memory (upgradable to 128GB)
-Tableau T3iu (upgradable to the Tableau T356789iu)
-All Solid State Disk to ensure the best performance with digital forensic software
*See the specifications tab for a full technical specifications of the PHANTYM-A

Hassle-Free Forensics

In digital forensics, reliability is speed—not only is a forensic workstation required to quickly run demanding modern software analysis tools, but it must do so without failures of any kind. Time spent troubleshooting or recovering from system crashes is an unacceptable burden on already overloaded case logs.

The PHANTYM line has been designed to exactly meet this need by balancing affordability, reliability, and processing power. Performance is assured through the battery of testing and burn-in time that each system must undergo before leaving our facility. In addition to this individualized attention, each workstation configuration that we release or update first goes through a lengthy period of research and development to ensure full parts and software compatibility and to preclude any errors or inconsistencies with any component.

The PHANTYM line is the latest in a long series of purpose built FCI workstations—we concentrate on the hardware so that you can concentrate on your cases, making forensics truly hassle-free.  

Fully Customizable

A host of suggested upgrades is available to allow you to tailor the PHANTYM-A to exactly meet your needs, with further customization also available upon request. Please do not hesitate to call or email with questions or other requests.

Three Year Warranty (All inclusive)

FREE, platinum level technical support is included for the LIFETIME of each of our systems, regardless of warranty status.


 Case:FCI Custom Case with Hub Access Lock Out

 Power Supply: 1000 Watt Modular

 Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 7950X, 16-Core, 4.5GHz

 System Memory: 64GB DDR5 5600

 Integrated LAN: 2.5GbE

 Video: 4GB DP/HDMI

 External Drive Bay Configuration

 Bay 1: Tableau T3iu

 Bay 2: Trayless SATA Assembly

 Bay 3: BluRay Burner



 Case Drive: 1TB NVME SSD

 Cache/Temp Location : 1TB NVME SSD

 Monitor: 22" Wide Screen LED Monitor (with Speakers)

 Keyboard and Mouse

 Operating System: Microsoft Windows 11 Pro 64-bit

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