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New Phantym Line

Digital Forensic Workstations

The founders of
digital forensics

About Us

Forensic Computers, Inc. has been an industry leader since the beginning of modern digital forensics. Our founder, and current President/CEO, started the company in 1999 using his experience as a special agent and computer crime investigator in the Air Force Office of Special Investigations.


From then until now our focus has always been on providing the best support and experience for our customers. Whether you need forensic hardware, software, or workstations—get in touch or request a quote to see just how HASSLE FREE digital forensics can be.

Forensic Workstations

The industry's best supported and most reliable workstations

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Workstation Lines

Original Line

Forensic Tower
Forensic Tower II
Forensic Tower IV
Forensic Analysis Workstation

Phantym Line

Phantym Sable
Phantym Azure
Phantym Argent


Forensic Airlite VIII
Graphyte Mobile Workstation
Graphyte Suite


Forensic Password Accelerator
Decryption Cluster

Forensic Hardware

We offer a wide range of forensic hardware from Tableau, CRU, and others. As more and more manufacturers release products, we are always testing and adding items to our line up.


Click through to see our complete listing of devices: from bridges, duplicators, and imagers to cables, adapters, and even our own custom hardware solutions.

Value Added

Since our founding in 1999, we have worked closely with the industry's leading hardware and software manufacturers to ensure seamless compatibility between your forensic hardware, software, and workstations.


Click here to learn more about our exclusive custom-designed hardware solutions, such as the Mobile Acquisition Bundle (MoAB). Get in touch and request a quote to learn more.

Forensic Hardware


Tableau TD2u
Tableau TX1
CRU Ditto
CRU Ditto DX


Tableau Handheld Bridges
CRU Forensic UltraDock
CRU Drive eRazer Ultimate

Forensic Kits

TD2u Ultimate Kit
Ultimate Forensic Write Protection Kits


Four drive NAS unit
Eight drive NAS unit
TX1/NAS Bundle