TX1 Ultimate Kit

In stock

Kit includes:

  • TX1 Forensic Imager
  • Imager Drive Bay
  • Power Supply for TX1
  • Power Supply TP7 (qty 2)
  • Forensic IDE/SATA Bridge
  • Forensic USB 3.0 Bridge
  • Forensic PCIe Bridge
  • PCIe Card SSD Adapter (TDA7-1)
  • PCIe M.2 SSD Adapter (TDA7-2)
  • PCIe Adapter for 2013+ Apple SSD (TDA7-3)
  • PCIe Adapter for 2016+ Apple SSD (TDA7-7)
  • PCIe U.2 SSD Adapter Cable (TDA7-4)
  • PCIe to IDE Adapter(TDA7-5)
  • PCIe Adapter Cable
  • USB Media Card Reader
  • SATA Signal Flat
  • Unified SATA/SAS Signal Power (qty 4)
  • USB 3 A to B Cable (qty 2)
  • 3M Power to SATA
  • 3M Power to Molex
  • 8 inch IDE Cable
  • Rugged Case w/Wheels w/Customized foam inserts
  • to secure all items during transport
  • Case Organizer
  • Cloth
  • Velcro Ties

Warranty is covered by Tableau standard warranty of 3 years
for the TX1 and 1 year for all other components.

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