Tableau 7 Piece IDE/SATA Adapter Kit

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  • Adapter bundle for all SATA & IDE adapters with bag containing:

    • TC6-2 - IDE 80-conductor ribbon, strain relief and pull tabs, both ends. 2 in
    • TDA3-1 - 3.5 SATA - microSATA Hard Disk Adapter
    • TDA3-2 - SATA - Blade-Type Solid State Drive (SSD) Adapter
    • TDA3-3 - mSATA + M.2 SATA SSD Adapters
    • TDA3-LIF - TDA3-LIF SATA LIF Hard Disk Adapter
    • Two LIF cables
    • TDA5-18 - 3.5 - 1.8 IDE Hard Disk Adapter
    • TDA5-25 - 3.5 - 2.5 IDE Hard Disk Adapter
    • TDA5-ZIF - TDA5-ZIF 3.5-ZIF IDE Hard Disk Adapter
    • TC20-BNDL - TC20-3-2 (x2, Toshiba-style), TC20-3-3 (x2, Hitachi-style), TC20-3-4 (x2, SanDisk-style)
    • TB4 - Soft-sided, top-zip nylon bag with side-zip pouch

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