Tableau 2.5 inch IDE Hard Disk Adapter

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The TDA5-25 is a compact, rugged 2.5" IDE Hard Disk Adapter. The TDA5-25 can be used to adapt any Tableau IDE Forensic Bridge for use with a 2.5" notebook IDE hard disk. When using the TDA5-25 with the Tableau T5, use a short 2" IDE cable (such as Tableau TC6-2) to connect the T5 to the TDA5-25. When using the TDA5-25 with a Tableau T14, you can plug the T14 directly into the TDA5-25 and then plug the TDA5-25 directly into the notebook hard disk! .

As an added advantage, the TDA5-25 is also compatible with 1.8" IDE hard disks manufactured by Hitachi which actually use the 2.5" IDE connector standard.

NOTE: Be careful, Hitachi makes different models of so-called 1.8" IDE hard disks, and some of these models use the 2.5" IDE connector standard and some use the 1.8" IDE connector standard. These latter Hitachi drives should be used with the Tableau HDA5-18 adapter instead.

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