Forensic Password Accelerator Extreme

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The Forensic Password Accelerator is the ultimate solution for any forensic organization needing efficient password recovery or file decryption.

The Forensic Password Accelerator is:

  • Fast: Depending on the file being cracked, the Forensic Password Accelerator will accelerate password attempts 90 to 200 times that of CPUs alone and up to 5 times that of alternative, comparably priced, password recovery solutions.
  • Cool and Quiet: the FPA has been extensively designed and tested to meet the unique cooling requirements involved in long-term, high performance use, without excessive fan noise or degraded performance from thermal throttling.

Both tower and rackmount versions are available.

Combine multiple Forensic Password Accelerators using distributed processing to further accelerate password attempts.

One Year Warranty (All inclusive)

Case: Custom Tower or 6u Rack mount Case

Power Supply: 1600 Watt Modular Power Supply

Chipset: Intel® C621A

Processors: Intel Xeon Gold 6326 Ice Lake 2.9 GHz, 16-Core

System Memory: 128GB DDR4 Registered ECC 3200MHz

Integrated LAN: Intel i210AT for one 1Gb Ethernet LAN port,  Aquantia AQC113 for one 10Gb Ethernet LAN port

GPU Password Acceleration

Two - Liquid Cooled NVIDIA 4090

32,768 Cuda Cores (NVIDIA)

Hard Drives

OS - 1TB Solid State Drive

Monitor: 22" Wide Screen LED Monitor (with Speakers)

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 11 Pro 64-bit

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