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Oxygen Forensic® Detective Features

  • Find more critical evidence faster with comprehensive data extraction and powerful search and analytics
  • Increase efficiency with comprehensive data extraction and powerful search and analytics
  • Acquire more data from cloud applications with the market-leading cloud extractor
  • Accelerate time-to-resolution with fast access to data and critical insights
  • Accelerate data extraction, analysis, and reporting
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the investigation with the most advanced analytics tools in a single digital forensics platform
  • Meet investigative goals with a company committed to delivering the best possible customer experience
  • Help make the world safer faster with a market-leading digital forensics solution

Data extraction
● Bypass screen locks and decrypt evidence
● Perform physical acquisitions of Android devices based on Exynos, Kirin, Qualcomm, Mediatek, and Spreadtrum chipsets
● Extract full file system data from Apple iOS devices
● Locate and extract artifacts, system files, and credentials from Windows, macOS, and Linux machines
● Extract and parsing data from secure applications
● Uncover deleted data
● Desktop extractions - supports 24 file formats
● Extract data from over 100 cloud sources, including WhatsApp, Telegram, iCloud, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other social
media cloud services
● Supports 34,000 app versions
● Merge Extraction automatically merges extractions acquired using different extraction methods
● Uncover and reveal names, usernames, emails, and more in different sources on the device
● Oxygen Forensic® KeyScout (included with Oxygen Forensic® Detective) collects credentials and user data on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems
● Offers extraction of drone flight history and other information from DJI and Parrot apps, and from DJI, SkyPixel, and Parrot clouds

Search and Analysis
● Wide range of search options: predefined keyword lists, regular expressions, faces, search by hash sets including Project VIC and PhotoDNA, search in parsed data
and search inside files, etc.
● Search can be performed in one or several extractions
● Facial and image categorization, and OCR
● Built-in Timeline and Social Graph for deep event analysis and links analysis from one extraction, or across a case or multiple devices
● Both online and offline Maps with a rich functionality of defining frequently visited places, common locations and building routes including interactive ones
● The ability to mark extracted items as important as well as set predefined and custom tags and filter by them
● Built-in utility for Call Data Records analysis

Reports and Exports
● Highly customizable, a report can be created to include a single device, several devices, several sections, or even selected records
● Save files to be viewed by Oxygen Forensic® Viewer
● Export reports to PDF, RTF, XLS, XML, HTML as well as into Relativity, Consilio, and many other formats

Data Viewers
● Free, portable Oxygen Forensic® Viewer is designed to view all types of extractions previously saved to Oxygen Forensic® Backup (OFBX) format
● Built in Plist and SQLite files viewers

Licensing / Pricing
● Dongle or your cloud environment
● All-inclusive pricing with no hidden costs
● Option to scale
● Full trial demo available for 15 days; only one demo per customer within a 12-month period

Training Support
● Robust instructor-lead and online training modules
● All-Access Pass or the option to buy modules a la carte
● Oxygen Forensic® Certification confirms knowledge, skills, and competence with Oxygen Forensic® Detective

● Superior client support, with a robust online Knowledge Base and ongoing access to our Customer Support team via email, chat, Discord, and phone
● 98% customer satisfaction rating
● Most issues raised by phone are resolved in one call
● On-demand app support available

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