Mobile Acquisition Bundle

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One mobile bridge that replaces five individual bridges.


Over a $2,500 value.

The Forensic Computers Mobile Acquisition Bundle takes the Tableau T356789iu Forensic Bridge and encloses it in a custom enclosure designed and engineered by Forensic Computers.

The MoAB will forensically acquire IDE/SATA/SAS/Firewire/USB3.0/PCIe drives. 

The enclosure features integrated dual fans on top of the unit that will allow simultaneous placement and cooling of a hard drive.  The hard drive is kept at optimal temperatures, even during intensive read actions.

The MoAB comes with two common adapters so that most modern drives can be forensically acquired in the field without the need for purchasing any other items.


The Mobile Acquisition Bundle comes with:

  • Forensic Computers custom enclosure with a Tableau T356789iu integrated.
  • 12V Desktop Power Adapter
  • Custom Foam
  • Injection Molded Airtight Hard Shell Case
  • Tableau T356789iu Cabling and Adapter
    • One TC4-8-R2 SATA/SAS Signal Cable
    • One TC6-8 IDE Signal Cable
    • One TC6-2 2 inch IDE Signal Cable
    • One TC2-8-R2 Molex Style Power Cable
    • One TC7-9-9 18 inch Firewire 800 Cable
    • USB 3.0 A to B Cable - 3'
  • Additional Adapters
    • TDA7-2 - PCIe M.2 SSD Adapter
    • TDA3-3 - mSATA + M.2 SATA SSD Adapter


Additionally, the Complete Adapter Add-On may be purchased that adds the following items:

  • TDA7-1 - PCIe Card SSD Adapter
  • TDA7-3 - PCIe Adapter for Apple SSD 2013 and later,
  • TDA7-4 - PCIe U.2 SSD Adapter
  • TDA7-7 - Apple 2016+ PCIe SSD Adapter
  • One TDA5-18 1.8 inch IDE Hard Disk Adapter
  • One TDA5-25 2.5 inch IDE Hard Disk Adapter
  • One TDA3-1 SATA Solid State Disk Adapter
  • One TDA3-2 - SATA - Blade-Type Solid State Drive (SSD) Adapter
  • One TDA3-LIF with 2 LIF cables
  • One TDA5-ZIF with TC20-BNDL cables

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