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MailXaminer — Advanced Email Forensics Tool

We started with the simple goal of making email forensics easier.

We've come a long way from understanding anatomy of emails and carving email headers. Today we more precisely understand 20+ mail formats. And work with thousands of companies around the world and helping them in doing investigations from most of the available emails formats. MailXaminer stands out as the best email forensics tool, sufficing the necessary requirements of email investigations.

"Designed from the ground up, as an Email Examination Tool; MailXaminer supports 20+ email file formats and 750+ MIME types. Thus, leveraging the examination of 80+ email clients."

Product Overview of Email Forensics Tool

  • Versatile & robust Keyword Search to find evidence from the email messages.
  • Recover deleted emails from 20+ email types and report evidence in formats that are admissible in court.
  • Download & examine emails from Office365, Gmail, Live Exchange Server, & Google Apps admin.
  • Intelligent Link Analysis of exchange of data between multiple users to examine the connection between them.
  • Skin tone analysis algorithm to examine the emails having objectionable/pornographic images as attachments.
  • Detailed Export reporting of cases, keywords, included tags, and many more in HTML, PDF & CSV file formats.
  • Creation of Case Repository for enhanced Management and Analysis of carved out evidence.
  • Cloud – based Team Collaboration feature allowing multiple Forensicators to work on the same case.
  • Analyze and carve evidences from E01 and DD file formats.
  • Perform Live Exchange mailbox analysis without dismounting the EDB file.
  • Dashboard View providing potential information about emails via graphical approach.

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