CRU WiebeTech Forensic LabDock U5

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Create a Write-Blocked Workstation
Turn your computer into a digital forensic workstation with Forensic LabDock. Installed in a standard 5.25" bay, Forensic LabDock gives convenient, forensic access to suspect hard drives. Write-blocking is done in hardware, with proven WiebeTech write-blocking technology.

USB Write-blocking
Write-blocked access to thumb drives is just as convenient as write-blocked SATA and IDE. Forensic LabDock also incorporates a USB WriteBlocker, so you can forensically access flash drives or full size USB enclosures. Most USB 1.1 and 2.0 devices that normally register with the computer as a "USB Mass Storage Device" are supported.

Built-in HPA/DCO Detection
Do you know what could be lurking in the hidden areas of a hard drive? HPA (Host Protected Areas) or DCO (Device Configuration Overlays) can exist on hard drives, which are not accessible by your Operating system. Further, these areas can be used to hide information from you. Forensic LabDock will alert you if these areas exist, so you can inspect them. Forensic LabDock comes with software to let you choose how to handle a hidden area. It allows you to:

  • Detect and do nothing
  • Detect and temporarily remove HPA
  • Detect and permanently remove HPA
  • Detect and permanently remove HPA and DCO

Extend Support for other drive types
Need to access a non-standard hard drive? Use WiebeTech's Combo Adapters to access 1.8" drives, notebook drives, drives found in iPods, and more. Combo Adapters work with many of our docking products, including Forensic LabDock.

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