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CRU SciLock

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Pronounced "sky-lock", the CRU® SCILock® Secure Drive is an anti-malware cyber security device for computers, workstations, and laptops. The SCILock Secure Drive takes the place of a hard drive and shields designated software such as the operating system and applications.

Should an attack occur, a simple reboot takes only seconds to rid the system of persistent malware and restore the computer to its last known good state, per DoD 8500.01.

The SCILock Secure Drive is free of ongoing licensing fees and once configured, is virtually maintenance-free. It requires no CPU, memory resources, or special drivers, so a SCILock-protected system is incredibly cost-effective and always productive. 

SCILock Secure Drives fit into standard 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch drive slots and are based on industry-standard SATA drive and interface protocols. 

The SCILock Secure Drive is a Patent Pending device.

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