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AccessData FTK 5


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AccessData FTK 5

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Forensic Toolkit® 5 is an even faster and more comprehensive forensic analysis tool capable of exposing more data in less time.

What’s New in FTK® 5?

FTK Includes Three Valuable Modules Out of the Box…

Data Visualization is Now Included with FTK
Automated graphical timeline construction and analysis of social relationships...two of the most essential but time consuming tasks during an examination.
• Take timeline and social analysis screenshots and include in your case reports.
• Case-level social analysis visualization for email (multiple PSTs and NSFs).

Explicit Image Detection (EID) is now Included with FTK
EID is not just detecting flesh tones. It will analyze shapes and orientation as well.
• Invaluable for anybody dealing with CP cases.
• Zero in on illicit images in minutes.

MPE+ Essential with Every FTK License
New and with every copy of FTK 5, users will receive a Mobile Phone Examiner Plus® (MPE+) Essential
license. MPE+ Essential operates as a full MPE+ license for 30 days after the upgrade or purchase is
processed, offering access to all features and devices. After this time, users will be given the option to
purchase the full license of MPE+ or continue with the MPE+ Essential license. MPE+ Essential
allows users to perform full iOS® and Android™ device examinations.

New and Enhanced Features…

Internet/Chat Analysis Enhancements
• New Internet/Chat Tab.
• Google Chrome Internet Artifacts Enhancements.
- Artifacts are more granularly organized in the Overview Tab (History, History Index, Cookies, Bookmarks, Top Sites, Web Data, Log-in Data, etc.).
- Reconstruct web pages.
- Parse and bookmark individual records from within the Google Chrome artifact tables.
• 30 + additional Internet artifact carvers, identifying files from programs such as Facebook, Dropbox, Skype 3 and more.

Microsoft PhotoDNA® Integration
A new processing option has been added to provide integration with the PhotoDNA algorithm. It creates a unique signature for a digital image, like a fingerprint, which can be compared with the signatures of other images to find copies of that image. Like the Known File Filter (KFF), this algorithm can be used to filter images in a case to reduce review time.

Log2Timeline CSV Support
This option processes CSV files in Log2timeline format, parsing the data within a single CSV into individual records within the case. Generate graphical timelines with these individual files using Data Visualization.

Processing Profiles
Create, import and export reusable profiles, also known as templates, of pre-defined processing options.

FTK Decryption Enhancements PLUS New PRTK Integration
• Import password lists to FTK to auto-decrypt files during processing.
• With support for hundreds of additional file types, FTK can decrypt almost as many file formats as PRTK, including PDF, PGP password file, iOS backup files and more.
• Select encrypted files within FTK and submit them directly to PRTK for password recovery.

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